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El Nido to Coron

How to get from El Nido to Coron by boat.

A great onward destination and full of WWII ship wrecks Coron is an excellent add-on to your El Nido trip. There are several companies now running ferries and boats between the two islands.

Check out our Coron guide here.

There are a few ways to get between El Nido and Coron. One of the cheapest and most popular is by boat. What used to be a really long trip fraught with danger has now become a much easier affair. Especially now the fast ferry is running and can get you there in under 4 hours!.

Unless you are really trying to save money we suggest getting the fast ferry.

el nido to coron

Slow FerryFast Ferry
DescriptionLarge outrigger boats that depart El Nido every morning.A faster boat that departs El Nido every morning
Boat NamesBunso and JessabelMontenegro Lines
DepartureLeaves El Nido: ~7:30 – 8:30 amLeaves El Nido: 6 am
ReturnLeaves Coron: 7:30 – 8:30 amLeaves Coron: 12 pm
Duration5 – 9 hours3 1/2 hours
Capacity70 – 80 passengers110 passengers
Price1,400 Pesos1,760 Pesos

Booking Details

Fast Ferry:

Montenegro Lines


6.00 am Boarding time

[email protected]

they can also be booked at the Art Cafe here.

Slow Ferry:

Bunso 1,2,3 and 4 (4 is the slowest one)

8:00 am boarding, 8:30 am departure
Booking office downtown Coron/El Nido

MBCA Jessabel 2

7:30 am Departure
Smart: 0918-967-6837 / 0918-967-6838
Globe: 0915-850-1391

Via Linapacan

One last option is to travel to the town of San Fernando (also known as Dipnay) from here there is a ferry running every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The great thing about this one is that it normally makes a stop at Linapacan. Another beautiful island chain which is supposed to have the clearest waters in the Philippines!


9.00 am Departure  Mondays, Wednesday, Friday (dependant on weather)