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Where to withdraw money in El Nido

The Philippines can be a little more expensive than other Asian countries, this can mean carrying around lots of extra cash or using your card more often. Unfortunately, it not always easy to find places to withdraw money here so I will tell you how to get money in El Nido.

Only last year (2015) did El Nido get its first ATM unfortunately, that wasn’t an end to the money problems. With so many tourists visiting the town it is constantly running out of money or even just plain not working. Some of the best advice would be to make sure you bring enough money for your trips with you. Try paying for your accommodation online and factor in the costs of your excursions.


On this map, you will find the ATM located inside the El Nido Municipal Hall.


money in el nido

money in el nido

If you do find yourself low on cash and the ATM isn’t working don’t panic, there are a couple of other options.


World Remit

World Remit 

This site is AMAZING. It lets you use any credit/debit (Visa/MasterCard) to make an online payment. You can then pick up the money at any local remittance branch. All for a fraction of the cost of Western Union.

  1. 1. Load the website worldremit.com
  2. 2. At the top of the page (not the big box in the middle) select the country to send from (this is your home country)
  3. 3. The page should then reload and you will be able to choose the country you want to send to (the Philippines) from the box in the middle.
  4. 4. Click Get Started
  5. 5. On the next page, you can choose the service you need. Choose Cash Pick Up
  6. 6. When it asks you to select payout network, the easiest is MLHUILLIER

(this is where you will pick up the money, It’s opposite the church on Real Street)

  1. 7. Choose the amount you want to send.
  2. 8. Now you need to sign up and fill in all your bank details.

(you will need official I.D matching the name of the recipient e.g. your passport.)

  1. 9. Make a note of the name of recipient and transaction code.
  2. 10. Head to MLHUILLIER opposite from the church on Real Street and pick up your cash.


Western Union

Western Union these guys are finding themselves a little outdated and way overpriced. But if nothing else works you can find them on Real Street.

Credit Card

You can use your card at the Petron gas station. Located just outside town they will charge you at least 8%.


If your stuck or have any questions let us help [email protected]