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Wax on, Wax off

Hey guys!

Check out our sexy new woodwork.

  • The front of our shiny new cottage


Want to know what goes into making a piece of wood look and feel nice?

These are the steps we took on most of our wood.

1. plane

2. sand with machine at grade 80

3. sand with machine at grade 120

4. sand again along the grain by hand at grade 120

5. clean

6. apply Solignum to stop termites ( twice )

7. apply wood stain

for a varnish finish >

8. apply sanding sealer

9. apply varnish mixed with thinner

10. sand gently

11. apply varnish pure.

for a waxed finish >

8. clean

9. apply wax

10. polish off wax

11. repeat two more times.

So it’s a long process, especially when you have as much wood as we do.


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