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Wildlife Watching

The forests of Palawan are ranked in the top 15 most endemic eco regions in the world. Whilst we have yet to see the monkey eating Philippine eagle, the bearcat or the Peacock pheasant, we have been treated to an array of stunning birds and alarmingly huge spiders.  If only there was a shazam for identifying them all.

The finer details

Our first cottage is our blank canvas, we wanted to to keep it native but with touches of other filipino character.

The banig is a handwoven mat traditionally used for sleeping/sitting on, each province will have their own style and with such beautiful designs and patterns, we felt it would bring vibrant colours to the doors of the cottages.

Handmaking the windows was a fiddly task to say the least.. Having only had a 5 min crash course in how to weave at the furniture shop that I bought the rattan in, the rest was trial and error. 100 pieces of rattan for around 3 english pounds and the dye being around 0.06p a packet, the window was a bargain.

We also have 2 side windows so that the room will have a lot of ventilation, these are simpler and are still in the making but we are very nearly there with the first cottage – Hooray!

Making sacrifices (not for the squeamish or those eating breakfast)

We both knew moving far away and setting up a business would mean making sacrifices. Who would have guessed they would be so literal.

A few days ago while the concrete for the foundations was being poured we were told we needed to get some chickens. For lunch? no. They were to be a sacrificed to the spirits of the forest as a thank you for using the land and a blessing on the house.

In the end we found four chickens, three of which were sacrificed and their blood went into the cement foundations and around the house.
Dana decided to save the last one who was obviously a little shaken after watching its friends meet such a grisly end.

Her names Belinda and she now lives on the hill.

The workers saw to it that none of the chicken was wasted. It was delicious.



3 chickens were harmed in the making of this blog post.


I guess I do practice Santeria.