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Just like waiting for a bus, we have been waiting (not in a patient manner) for all the materials to arrive. Its been weeks since we approved our order of materials from the city and we were getting itchy to get started before rainy season begins.

Of course all the materials arrived within 2 days of each other including 100 sacks of cement (at 40kg each) huge water towers, steel bars and our ‘portable generator’, which also required 4 people to carry. The heavens also decided to open and we experienced our first thunderstorm. Typical.

*Please also note that this was also during the barrio (village) fiesta where no one wants to work if they are from that village.

Over 10 labourers helped to haul up the cement and a water buffalo arrives today to haul up the gravel and sand. Couldn’t find a donkey unfortunately.

Our architect and his team have moved into the new barracks and work is now firmly underway. I think he is being quite optimistic when he estimated that the restaurant/bar. Kitchen and toilet would be complete in 2 months, but we will keep everyone posted.

Its really exciting to finally see things happen and quickly at that, great to be involved and doing something at last.